Food-Inspired Buick Design

Food is, of course, a major part of our everyday lives. While a few of us simply eat to live, most of us live to eat. In addition to filling our bellies, food can also inspire other parts of our lives. In fact, you may not believe it, but there is a lot of food-inspired Buick design.

In some of Buick’s newest models, the colors and designs were directly inspired by some delicious foods. Take the Choccachino interior color scheme available in the new 2016 Enclave—this brings the delicious brown colors found in chocolate to life.  Then, the all-new Cascada, coming early next year, will be available in a beautiful Toasted Coconut Metallic color.

When you look at the Crystalline color on the Buick Avenir concept, you may notice a slight green undertone. That color was inspired by an artichoke.

“People make associations with particular hues based on personal experiences,” said Sally Augustin, Ph.D., founder of Design with Science, and an environmental psychologist specializing in person-centered design, in a statement. “If you have had a positive experience with a particular food, you can develop positive associations with the colors that are clearly linked to that item, translating into preferences and use in creative projects.”

And with more than 178 million images on Instagram with the #food tag, Buick designers have no shortage of inspiration for future projects.

Come take a look at the current Buick lineup available now at Bill Walsh Streator and see what makes you hungry.

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