What to Do with All the Leaves in Your Yard

It’s early November, which means your yard is likely covered in brown leaves. If you haven’t dealt with them already, you might be wondering what you can do with all the leaves in your yard.

Here in Streator, Illinois, the city will collect any yard waste between April 1st and December 1st. So, you can simply collect your leaves and let the city handle it. But if you want to do something else more creative, here are a few suggestions.

If you’re a gardener, fall leaves are a great source of nutrients and can be turned into beautiful mulch. To do this, simply rake up the leaves, shred them, and put them into plastic trash bags. You can cut a few small slits in the bag, if you want. Within the next year, these leaves will turn into something called leaf mold, which you can use to mulch your garden.

You can also add shredded leaves to your compost pile. The leaves are a great source of carbon. Make sure you layer in some nitrogen-rich sources, such as grass clippings and kitchen scraps.

If you have walnut, eucalyptus, or camphor laurel leaves, be aware that these leaves can actually inhibit plant growth, so you should process them separately, or add them to the compost bin before you put them in your garden.

What is your favorite way to use the leaves in your yard?

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