Improve Your Driving Skills during Self Improvement Month

September is recognized as Self Improvement Month, which is why we think it is a perfect time to improve your driving skills. Being a good driving will make you enjoy being in the car more and will make you and those around you safer.

Follow these simple steps to start improving your driving abilities.

  • Learn how to drive a variety of vehicles. If you drive a four-door sedan, borrow your dad’s pickup, or your sister’s minivan. Being comfortable in a wide range of vehicles will come in handy if you ever need to drive one in an emergency. Also, be sure you learn how to tackle a manual transmission.
  • Experience your car’s handling limits. Find an empty parking lot to see how your car handles in tight corners, stopping distance, stability, and acceleration. Try this in dry weather, wet weather, and even snowy weather.
  • Drive backwards. Using only your mirrors, learn how to drive and maneuver your car in reverse.
  • Go to driving school. For the ultimate driving experience, head to a professional driving school to learn how to handle some great cars at their upper limits.
  • Use the zipper merge. When merging two lanes down into one, we should all use the zipper merge. This is when the two lanes take turns joining into one, just like a zipper. This method reduces traffic jams and helps traffic move faster.

If you consider yourself a skilled driver, what methods would you suggest to improve your driving skills?

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