Buick Provides Customers with 24 Hours of Happiness Test Drive

Okay, by show of hands, how many people feel perfectly comfortable and relaxed while test driving their potential new car? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Even if you aren’t stressed, per se, while taking a test drive, chances are that you aren’t fully relaxed either. Buick’s 24-Hours of Happiness Test Drive program focuses on reducing stress when driving while also giving customers the opportunity to test drive a vehicle in everyday conditions as opposed to one anxiety-filled hour.

You can contact us here at Bill Walsh Streator to schedule your test drive. You’ll leave your car with us and get the keys to a new Buick for 24 hours of driving happiness.

In addition to the test drive, Buick offers helpful remedies to the normal stresses of life that we often carry with us as we sit behind the wheel. “The Buick Body Shop” provides a video of yoga exercises that help to provide relief to the body, especially after a long car ride. Wellness guru Amanda Chantal Bacon and award-winning jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth pooled their resources together to develop a custom in-car fragrance called “The Buick Atmosphere” that can easily be made in your own kitchen.

These are just a few of the resources available online through Buick’s 24 Hours of Happiness program. While the experience may start with an extended test drive, it is far more about the quality of time spent on the road than the quantity. Find out more information by visiting Bill Walsh Streator today!

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