“That’s a Buick?” – Extended Buick Ad Campaign

Many of you are probably familiar with the “That’s a Buick?” advertising campaign that challenges peoples perceptions of the newly redesigned fleet of Buicks as opposed to its out-of-production models. The “overwhelmingly successful” ad campaign has earned two Nielson Awards as well as positive reviews, thus Buick has decided to extend the ad campaign to focus on key vehicle features.


“There are people who know Buick, people who don’t know Buick and people who think they know Buick,” said Tony DiSalle vice president-marketing at Buick-GMC. “We targeted people who think they know Buick, but have a false familiarity.”


Commercials in the “That’s a Buick?” campaign range from a woman mistakenly getting into a wrong car thinking it is her friend’s Buick, to a valet looking for a Buick that’s right in front of him. The overwhelming message of the ad campaign is that Buick is changing its overall design and appeal.


Keep an eye out for the extended Buick ad campaign and also come check out the newly redesigned Buick fleet, which includes the Encore and Regal, at Bill Walsh Streator, today!

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