Buick Verano Paint Job Energy Efficient

Buick is going green, and with a very unique method of preserving our environment. The Buick Verano undergoes a different paint process, one that uses less energy than any other process. The process was first used in 2011 at Orion Assembly, where the Verano is produced, and cut the energy needed to paint the vehicle in half.

The standard paint process can take up to 2.5 megawatt hours. Put in terms we can all understand, that’s the equivalent to the electricity bill of the average United States home for nine weeks. No matter what way you look at it, that’s a lot of power.

The “three wet” paint process eliminated the need for a primer bake oven, which is usually used between the primer and the outer layer of paint. The result is three layers of paint, primer, color, and clear coat, applied on top of each other while still wet. Using this process only requires one trip through the oven.

To paint a single Verano, it now only takes 1 megawatt hour of energy. That’s a pretty dramatic cut!

Less energy used means a healthier environment; come see the Buick Verano paint job at Bill Walsh Streator yourself and support more energy efficient production.

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