Buick Avenir Headlight Design Foreshadows Brand’s Future Design

If Buick had a crystal ball to tell the future, it would look a lot like the Buick Avenir concept car. The American carmaker recently announced that the popular concept car design, which debuted earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, showcases the future of the brand’s design—specifically in its head- and taillights.


“We worked hard to not only make Avenir distinctive from across the room, but draw you closer with its detail work and that certainly includes its dramatic lighting,” said Michael Simcoe, vice president of design for GM International Operations. “The head and taillamps are the result of our lighting designers in North America working hand-in-hand with our exterior designers and fabrication craftsmen in our Australia Advanced Studio. Like the rest of the Avenir, they are a dramatic expression of modern Buick design.”


Through the use of LED lights, the Buick Avenir headlight design creates a jewel-like look that adds a touch of sophistication to the luxury vehicle. Similar to the Avenir’s interior, the concept car’s innovative headlight design combines subtle details that create a beautiful overall picture.


With design cues like the Buick Avenir, it would be no surprise if the entire Buick lineup continues to rake in the awards. To see the American carmaker’s luxurious lineup, come in to Bill Walsh Streator today.

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