Buick Trick Shot Competition Provides Perfect Complement to March Madness

This year, there is more than one Sweet Sixteen bracket. We still have the classic March Madness bracket, sure to thrill as each college team vies to make it to the top unscathed. But we also have another bracket that may turn out to be just as entertaining, especially as it features a four-year-old internet sensation.


Buick, the automotive sponsor for March Madness, has put together the Buick trick-shot competition as a fun complement to the regular bracket. Sixteen “trick-shot artists” will compete.  Instead of racking up points, they will try to win the hearts and votes of web-surfing public. GM Authority tells us that Buick has worked its way into the fun by allowing competitors to use Buick vehicles as props for their trick shots.


Is there a favorite? If you saw a cute four-year-old who could sink unbelievable trick shots like it was a habit, wouldn’t Trick Shot Titus be your favorite? Watch him here, where he throws a ball over three Buick vehicles.


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