More Powerful Engine for the Buick Crossover?

Fans of the small Buick crossover may be in for a treat. According to a top executive, Buick has a new, more powerful engine option under consideration. The current engine pushes 138 hp out of a turbocharged 1.4-liter inline engine. “I’d be lying if I said we’re not evaluating that,” Duncan Aldred, US vice president of Buick-GMC, said.

The consideration comes after 2014 Buick sales. The Encore sold a little less than 49,000, putting it in third place on the brand’s seller list. The Enclave (the larger crossover), and the LaCrosse sedan took the top two spots. As of yet, there’s no mention of engine possibilities.

Rivals Jeep and Mazda both have their own upcoming crossovers—the Renegade and CX-3 respectively—which put out more horsepower than the Encore. Competition has likely driven the consideration as Buick aims to take more market share in 2015. “I’m looking to grow volumes, and we’re always looking at customer feedback for what changes we need to make,” Aldred said. A new engine could also help separate the Encore from its sister crossover, the Chevrolet Trax.

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