The Buick Avenir Concept Is the Future of Buick

In case you don’t speak French, avenir means future, which makes it a perfect name for Buick’s newest concept, as it could signal a new flagship sedan for the brand.

Buick surprised everybody when it rolled this concept out onto the stage. We were all expecting the new Cascada convertible, which is beautiful, by the way, but nobody knew about the Avenir.

The Buick Avenir Concept features smooth, gliding lines across its body. These lines continue through the interior giving it a fluid feel. The Avenir can seat up to four, has 21-inch wheels, a direct-inject V6 engine with cylinder deactivation and stop/start technology, a nine-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission, LED exterior lighting, twin-clutch all-wheel-driving, driver-selectable suspension damping, and more.

“Avenir embodies Buick design, which centers on effortless beauty and presence without pretense,” said Ed Welburn, vice president of General Motors Global Design, in a statement. “It demonstrates the growing international reach of Buick and offers an exciting vision of where it can go.”

As far as the Avenir going to production, Buick didn’t confirm this, but vice president of Buick and GMC, Duncan Aldred, said that the Avenir’s styling cues could be used in future production models.

What do you think about the Buick Avenir Concept? Would you love to see this type of styling in the Buick lineup?

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