Unveiling of the 2019 GMC Sierra



Major fans of the sophisticated GMC Sierra workhorse pickup truck have waited patiently for the newest model year to be unveiled. As February left us, the 2019 GMC Sierra finally joined, making its media debut on March 1.

Prior to the unveiling, audiences and car journalists weren’t given much information. All that could be said came from guesses related to the recent changes to the Sierra’s distant relative, the Chevy Silverado.

But now that the 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 has been exposed and shared with the world, we find that some of those guesses and assumptions aren’t true at all. While the 2019 Chevy Silverado was recently unveiled showing that its body would continue to be made of high-strength steel, the 2019 GMC Sierra is going in a different direction. Instead of high-strength steel, this truck’s bed will be made of carbon fiber.

And while these two trucks do share some things, like their suspensions, their strong engine lineups, and their frames, certain new additions to the 2019 GMC Sierra — such as an innovative, two-piece tailgate called the MultiPro — set this truck apart. Both 2019 pickups have a lot of new things to offer, and will be two impressive options.

We at Bill Walsh Streator cannot wait to have these incredible trucks available on our lot.

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