Chevrolet Helps Lead Mobile Think-Tanks for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you take a look at the current economy and professional market, you’ll quickly see that things are much different than they were just a few decades ago. Today’s world of social media, new technology, and digital branding is giving Millennials the opportunity to ditch the traditional 9-to-5 and find a personalized career that works for them.

This new way of making a living is changing the way that major, established companies think, too. It has become clear to many that these young and savvy online users and inspired entrepreneurs have a unique perspective that could be useful to many.

The National Millennial Community is a program that seeks to reinforce the millennial generation as a positive influence on the country, working to remove negative stereotypes that might surround them. The program recently paired with Chevrolet to create mobile think-tanks where entrepreneurs from the National Millennial Community could gather in the connected Chevrolet Trax to brainstorm and collaborate. The Chevrolet Trax was the perfect choice for this task, since its design is meant to cater to the connected and on-the-go lifestyle of the millennial generation, featuring things like smartphone compatibility and available Wi-Fi.

The connected SUV is on the lot at Bill Walsh Streator. Its advanced technology has proven to be suited for the mobile entrepreneur. Stop in to learn more about what helps this SUV stay connected.

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