GMC’s “Like a Pro” Campaign Emphasizes Professional Grade

When you hear the phrase “like a pro,” you think of doing something in the best way possible, as only a professional can do. And that is exactly what the GMC brand does.

For almost two decades, GMC has set itself apart from the competition with its “We Are Professional Grade” motto. Now, GMC has started a new “Like a Pro” campaign, to further emphasize its abilities and core values.

“Our owners are dedicated individuals, respected by their peers, whose passion and abilities set them apart,” said Rich Latek, GMC marketing director. “Their values reflect our ‘Professional Grade’ spirit and we look forward to bringing that emotional connection to life. And we’re excited to show how we think our customers live their lives like pros.”

The Denali lineup is featured in the new ad campaign. Denali trucks and SUVs sit at the top of the lineup for each model and represent about 30% of total GMC sales. The campaign also showcases the redesigned GMC Terrain, which goes on sale late this summer.

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Video: Watch GMC’s “Like A Pro” Anthem

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