Chevrolet Cuts 4G LTE Price Plan

In-vehicle internet access is becoming more common among new vehicles. With technology becoming more available, automakers need to step up their game to stay competitive.

Chevrolet was the first automaker to integrate 4G LTE connectivity into all of their new vehicles, which allowed them to originally set the standard data limits and prices. Now with more competition, Chevrolet has found another way to stand out in the crowd – by slashing their data plan prices.

The news that Chevrolet is cutting their prices thrills us at Bill Walsh Streator. 4G LTE price plans are now $10 for 1GB, $20 for 4GB, $40 for 10GB, and $150 for 20GB (monthly figures).

Although some of the smaller data plans may be limiting for those who want to stream movies, the variety of data limits and costs is beneficial for reaching a variety of needs.

For more information on Chevrolet’s data plans and connected cars, be sure to visit us at Bill Walsh Streator. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect connected cars.

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