Ford F-150 Fails Chevy Strength Test

The pickup market is largely dominated by big names like Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet. While foreign brands have a few truck offerings too, they typically appeal to niche markets, and consensus seems to be the same throughout the industry: for trucks, go American. That’s why Chevrolet recently decided to put Ford, its main competitor, to the test through a Chevy strength test that compared the Silverado to the F-150. The result? Chevy has quite literally punched holes in Ford’s best-selling truck.


The strength test revolved around comparing the durability of the trucks’ beds. While Ford constructs the F-150’s bed from military-grade stamped aluminum, which is lightweight enough to grant the pickup some extra efficiency, the Chevy Silverado’s bed is made from roll-formed, high-strength steel. The Silverado showed off its durability when Chevy demonstrated through laboratory tests as well as in 26 different presentations that the F-150 couldn’t hold up even under the weight of a 28-lb toolbox.


There were 12 tests in total, including dropping 55 landscaping blocks into the trucks from over five feet in the air. During the course of these tests, the F-150 was punctured 52 times, while the Silverado held up without so much as a dent. The Chevy strength test has proven the sheer reliability and toughness of the Chevrolet Silverado, even against competitors.

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