GMC Boosts Sierra Hauling Capabilities

There’s no denying that GMC is a brand name associated with power and capability. The GMC Sierra is one of the most well-respected trucks on the market, with professional-grade power, strength, and towing capacity. That’s why GMC understands that the easiest way to keep their drivers happy is to give them more capability options. Sierra hauling capabilities can get a big boost from the newly-revealed gooseneck/fifth-wheel trailering package available for the truck’s entire lineup.


Costing only an additional $350, the package adds a hitch platform and tray mounted directly to the frame and hidden right beneath the truck’s bed floor. The hitch can also be removed by drivers when it isn’t needed or when they need full use of the bed. Towing capacities depend on the Sierra, too. The 2500HD equipped with the package gets its max towing rating boosted to 18,000 lb, while the 3500HD’s goes up to 17,500 or 23,200 lb., depending on whether it’s the single-rear-wheel or dual-rear-wheel variation.


The GMC Sierra hauling capabilities can also be augmented by the inclusion of another package: the trailering camera system, which allows drivers to view blind spots behind and to the sides of trailers. This package is more expensive at a price of $999, but adds an extra layer of safety and comfort to the ride.

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