Chevrolet Commercial by Sam Raimi Homage to Horror Film Trailer

Horror films have come to be known for certain guaranteed features. One thing you are guaranteed to see is a character acting really, really irrationally. Maybe they inexplicably trip while being chased by a monster or they forget to lock the door.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could warn them not to do something stupid? A new Chevrolet commercial by Sam Raimi indulges just that kind of fantasy.


Even if you’ve never heard of Sam Raimi, you’ve probably seen at least one his films. He directed Spiderman, Simple Plan, Evil Dead, and Oz The Great and Powerful.


This time, he has turned his talents toward helping Chevrolet shed the spotlight on active safety technologies like Lane Keep Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. These features can be found on the all-new Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Cruze.


In this Chevrolet commercial by Sam Raimi, we are treated to a nice homage to the horror film trailer. A young woman makes her way through a very haunted house. Shadows flick and play on the walls. Ghosts appear menacingly. But she seems irrationally drawn to a white door. As she inexplicably goes to open out, voices cry out, as if from the audience, warning her of the danger.


Watch this awesome commercial here!

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