Green Car Reports Names 2016 Volt Best Car to Buy

An online publication dedicated to promoting alternative fuel sources in vehicles and other methods of minimizing environmental impact while driving, Green Car Reports has been covering news on a number of electric and hybrid cars for years. In addition to reporting on innovations in the segment, the site also names a yearly Best Car to Buy. The honors have been given to the Chevrolet Volt for the 2016 model year.


The Chevy Volt is all-new for 2016, entering its second generation with a number of significant improvements. Still a five-door hatchback, the exterior of the Volt has been redesigned to have a more mainstream, contemporary look, making it more attractive to the average consumer, while the interior has become more spacious and can accommodate five people as opposed to the original four. Best of all, the range has increased by quite a few miles over the previous iteration. While the original generation, first introduced in 2011, could only get 38 miles of pure electric on a single charge, the 2016 Volt gets up to 53. That raises the Volt’s total hybrid fuel economy to 42 mpg.


The Best Car to Buy award was handed to the 2016 Chevrolet Volt because, as the judges behind Green Car Reports have stated, “What we didn’t expect was how much of an improvement over the old car it would be–and how good a car it is.” The Volt has made some serious strides in the years since it debuted, and such a title was in recognition of the improvements made to the model’s second generation.

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