Lowering Vehicle Emissions: Going Green Made Easy

With all of the green technologies now becoming available, it is easier than ever to be more eco-conscious. Nonetheless, we’ve put together a post on lowering vehicle emissions, basic steps everyone can do to lower their carbon footprint.

According to the EPA, aside from buying smart, you should seek to drive smarter. That means you should avoid speeding and accelerating quickly, two things that drastically reduce fuel efficiency. Also, never let your car idle for more than 30 seconds – when you’re not moving you are always getting 0 mpg.

Remember maintenance. Getting regular tune-ups and oil changes lead to a more efficient vehicle. When the engine is running smoothly, that means that you have fewer gas emissions.

Always check your tires. Tire pressure changes over time, sometimes due to temperature changes and sometimes due to wear. If your tires are under-inflated, it increases the level of rolling resistance, increasing friction and lowering fuel economy.

Finally, give your car a break when possible. Use public transportation, carpool, walk, or ride your bike when possible.

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